SCALE CRM is the worlds simplest, straight forward, easy to use customer service software

simply just simple :) designed to allow your staff to provide the best customer service.

Powerful Features

Contact Management

Upload all your client contacts , label them , organize them by label. From here you can - manage all calls coming in and are able to take notes , create tickets - assign it to your office staff and have them provide great customer service


Create tickets and add notes to all calls - assign it to your office staff and have them provide great customer service,- this helps them follow up with open tickets, allows other users to see what the last person was working on etc. documenting is very important!

New Sales lead Management

Able to manage new client inquired coming in and having your team create new client sale profile to follow up and close. Ability to track progress on the onboarding new client on to your business.

Knowledge base area

This allows you to upload any type of company documents , notes - cheat sheets - PDFs to the software for your office team to have answers when customers call to ask questions. Very important to providing the best customer service possible.

Users Management

You’re able to create a separate profile logins for all your office team and have them work together, assign them individual tasks, etc


Generate reports daily/weekly/monthly on what percentage of work is being done and to what extent by each user to measure their work.

Our Goal

To provide businesses like yours - the worlds simplest, straight forward easy to use customer service software - so your office staff team can give your customers the best service possible!

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